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MP3: Don’t Look Any Further
MP3: Don’t Look Any Further
Posted 1 day ago

Don’t Look Any Further ia a lovers rock song.

MP3: Don’t Look Any Further
Reggae Revival – Chronixx, Dre Island and Kelissa. Friday 18th February, Amager Bio, doors 20.00.
Reggae Revival – Chronixx, Dre Island and Kelissa. Friday 18th April, Amager Bio, doors 20.00.
Posted 51 days ago

Reggae Revival Chronixx One of the fastest rising Reggae artists out of Jamaica Chronixx, is ready to hit Copenhagen. Chronixx and The Zinc Fence Redemption band, alongside two of the…

Reggae Revival – Chronixx, Dre Island and Kelissa. Friday 18th April, Amager Bio, doors 20.00.
Bob Marley Birthday Celebration 2014 Feat: U Brown + many more
Bob Marley Birthday Celebration 2014 Feat: U Brown + many more
Posted 87 days ago

Chant Down Babylon 2014 BOB MARLEY OM 69th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Feat: U Brown the original conscious dancehall master from Jamaica, Jah Turban , Pharfar, Ida Ambrose, Blakk Goldd, Jah Bobby, Jessica…

Bob Marley Birthday Celebration 2014 Feat: U Brown + many more
Fragile Heart by Papa Shorty Out Now
Fragile Heart by Papa Shorty Out Now
Posted 142 days ago

NEW SINGLE RELEASE. FRAGILE HEART BY PAPA SHORTY Label: SJP. Records   S.J.P Records presents ‘Fragile Heart’ release, written by the Jamaican reggae/dancehall artist and songwriter Papa Shorty. Which is now available…

Fragile Heart by Papa Shorty Out Now

MP3: Don’t Look Any Further

MP3: Don’t Look Any Further

Don’t Look Any Further ia a lovers rock song.

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Photos & Press – Chronixx, Kelissa, Dre island and The Zinc Fence Band

  Chronixx Press photos and bios. Check below for music and interview videos Chronixx was the ‘stage’ name his friends bestowed on him, replacing the name ‘Little Chronicle’ he was given as the ‘junior’ to his father, the artist Chronicle. A little star amongst his peers, he had shown a love for music and song [...]

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Reggae Revival – Chronixx, Dre Island and Kelissa. Friday 18th April, Amager Bio, doors 20.00.

Reggae Revival Chronixx One of the fastest rising Reggae artists out of Jamaica Chronixx, is ready to hit Copenhagen. Chronixx and The Zinc Fence Redemption band, alongside two of the hottest upcoming artists out of Bob Marley´s soil. Dre Island, Kelissa + more. Amager Bio, Friday the 18th April 2014, Doors open 20:00. Click for [...]

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Bob Marley Birthday Celebration 2014 Feat: U Brown + many more

Chant Down Babylon 2014 BOB MARLEY OM 69th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Feat: U Brown the original conscious dancehall master from Jamaica, Jah Turban , Pharfar, Ida Ambrose, Blakk Goldd, Jah Bobby, Jessica + More, Back by Roots Harmonics band, Word sound tribute, Sky Juice Sound.   Thursday the 6th of February 2014 at Loppen Christiania, doors open 21:00. Bob [...]

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Marlon Asha (The Ganja Farmer) + many more on stage Sunday 1st December 2013 at Rubadub Sundays

Sky Juice In-association with Rubadub Sundays Presents. The Ganja Farmer Marlon Asha (TT) (tracks Show) Support Damas (JA), Ida Ambrose, Rapha, Coco P, Dc & Sawa + Sky Juice Crew  Dec. 1st, doors 22:00. Gate fee only 80kr Rub A Dub Sundays, Spillestedet Stengade 30 Cph. Marlon Asher’s talent was revealed with the release of [...]

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coco 1cut

Coco P ‘Saying Of The wiseman’ single out on the 20th of November

Coco P  new single called ‘Saying Of The wiseman’ coming to you soon, out on Wednesday 20th of November, stay in tune for updates. In the mean time listen to the preview press play encountering problems to play – refresh page.  

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Rapha new single soon to release

Rapha Bergdís is an uncommon artist in the Sky Juice Reggae Promotions family, serving up a never before heard sound for the label – a commercial style which at the same time flows a reggae dancehall vibe. Listen – press play  

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Reggae Dancehall Tun Up. Saturday 2nd Nov. At Nasa Club Gothersgade 8f. Cph.

Reggae Dancehall Tun Up. Saturday 2nd Nov. At Nasa Club Gothersgade 8f. Cph.

Sky Juice Sound dwet agen. Where and when? Saturday 2nd Nov. Nasa Night Club Down Town Cph. Gothersgade 8f. Cph. Gate open 23:00. Its a Pioneer affair. Uptown club ina Downtown environment Come witness performances by, di one and only Sky Juice big bad year to year sound, di whole massive and crew, ft. special [...]

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